Get instant discounts on your
favorite gift cards

The more you interact, the more you save!

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A playground for interaction and gaining immediate
discounts on your favourite gift cards*

Madai is free

Price reduction on Madai is entirely free. You are not required to make purchases or payments to apply a price reduction.

Secure & safe

Personal information collected by Madai during registration of the account is never shared or sold to third parties.

Keep your reward value

All registered users can preserve their unique discount to use at a later time.

Simple steps to follow

Select a gift card
Click the "Reduce" button
Answer the questions you're asked or follow the instructions you're given.

*Use your MadaiRewards code to redeem on a gift card or purchase one at a discount by completing charitable or partner actions.

Got a madai reward code?


Ma dai | mah-die | (English: Really! Come on!)

When you hear an Italian say “Ma Dai” they are expressing their surprise… a feeling often felt by people when they hear how easily they can discount their favorite gift cards on Madai.

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